InGen Technology Ltd.

Services InGen Technology Ltd. Offers To The Local And Global Community

InGen technology ltd. is known for ensuring persuasive sales of eco-friendly types of equipment. Their solar panel related services have succeeded in every aspect. Their services compliments with top-notch human resource. They have expanded in 60 different locations in form of branch offices. InGen has over 50,000 subscribers for their solar homes service. Also, they offer services […]

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Work Permit in Bangladesh

Things You Need to Know Before Applying for Work Permit in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has always been well known for being such a friendly nation towards foreign visitors and residents. One of the reasons why foreign personals feel homely here in this land. Bangladesh has a very well structured system to make lives easy of those who seek work permit in Bangladesh. It is compulsory for every foreigner to apply and […]

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logistics management

What is Logistics Management? Know All the Beneficial Facts.

Logistics management is a component of supply chain management. We use it to meet our clients demands in a fast delivery system. It gives us a chance to organize a controlled plan and its implementation very efficiently. It helps companies to enterprise companies reduce their expenses. A proper logistics management enhances customer services too. The […]

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solar power

Solar Power Can Help Us Fight The Environmental Pollution in Bangladesh

Solar power technology scientists are investing their time and labor to make the solar panel technology more environment-friendly. Today, many scientists are trying to help us fight the environmental pollutions more effectively. In Bangladesh, we are struggling with the very bad case of our polluted environment. And it’s getting worse by the days. We can start with baby […]

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