InGen Technology Ltd.

InGen technology ltd. is known for ensuring persuasive sales of eco-friendly types of equipment. Their solar panel related services have succeeded in every aspect. Their services compliments with top-notch human resource. They have expanded in 60 different locations in form of branch offices. InGen has over 50,000 subscribers for their solar homes service. Also, they offer services like project management, admin and HR support, work permit, visa processing, and construction to the local companies and MNCs in Bangladesh.

InGen Technology Ltd. offered services can be mentioned in two major way. They are,
  1. Project Management Service
  2. Human Resource Management, Admin & All Sorts of Logistical Service

And, they help the local and global community by offering the following aids,

  1. Consulting Service,
  2. Planning Service,
  3. Development Service,
  4. Financing Service,
  5. Construction Service,
  6. Operation & Services.

InGen Technology Ltd. is a pioneer amongst in the local companies who teamed up with Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL). To know more about these services please visit InGen Technology Ltd.

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