There are just so many project management certificates right now. They all have their own signature on one common project management model. And, that particular model is known as six principles of project management excellence.

Do you want to know the basic 6 principles of project management? Let’s take a look at them?
  1. Mission and Vision
  2. Objectives of Your Business
  3. Engagement Standards
  4. Execution and Intervention Strategy
  5. Organizational Alignment
  6. Measurement and Its Accountability
Mission and Vision

If you want to succeed in your game, you have to keep a vision of your desired ending in your mind from the very beginning. When the project manager has a clear vision of his project, his teams will get a clear idea of what and how to execute the project.

Objectives of Your Business

Now establish a couple of objective for your project. Remember to plan according to the profit and amount of sales you are aiming in this step.

Engagement Standards

In layman’s term in this step, you have to decide who will be partaking in your project. And make a schedule of the execution plan in this step.

Execution and Intervention Strategy

This is where the real game takes place. Try not to forget about the process of analyzing whether everything working according to your plan.

Organizational Alignment

Establish and maintain ongoing communication in-person with the stakeholders. Let them know the WIIFM. By the way, it stands for what’s in it for me.

Measurement and Its Accountability

Now, at last, check every step and everything to determine the success. This step ensures the maximum usage of all the resources and very crucial to ensure the project’s success.

Hope this article helps you to understand the principle steps of project management. Please visit our website, InGen to know more about it.

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