solar power

Solar power technology scientists are investing their time and labor to make the solar panel technology more environment-friendly. Today, many scientists are trying to help us fight the environmental pollutions more effectively. In Bangladesh, we are struggling with the very bad case of our polluted environment. And it’s getting worse by the days. We can start with baby steps. For example, one of them can solar-powered street lights. Not just that, we can literally pav our roads with solar panels now. Or, at least we can use the space in our footpaths.

Solar Power Project on Footpaths

Installing solar panels on the footpaths is an old idea at this point now. It is becoming more and more common due to its extensional benefits. It was taken as an unorthodox approach at the beginning.  The first time Scott and Julie Brusaw from Idaho, US came up with this great idea. This talented couple teamed up and developed a pavement system module to harness solar power back in 2009. They have made their modular strong enough to withstand the staggering load of 250,00lbs. It is about 4 times of a semi truck’s legal weight. They claimed their modular can last up to 2 decades. These all came from an unfunded couple. And a decade ago.

But, things are changing quite rather very rapidly. Technologies have evolved way further from it used to be back then. Our scientists are trying to make solar panels that withstand against solid debris. There are solar panels that can melt ice and snow too. To draw the bottom line, we are very lucky to live in a time when solar panels are ready for any weather and climates. And, it is one of the greatest options for us to fight against environmental pollution.

How Can It Work?

So how do this strong solar panels work? Actually, these panels work just the same as the regular ones. We just have to make it strong enough to withstand our casual usages in regular days. Also, we can use recycled material for this project too. This project can be the next step in our technology.

Reducing Air Pollution

Collecting solar power from will also help us reduce the CO2 level quite significantly. Just imagine a technology that’s implementation can help us generate enough energy to cover all our needs as well as it can help us keep our air clean! Yes, this is what solar power can do for us. And, the limit is only our imagination at this point. We need to focus more on this sector.

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