Water Desalination

About Carocell Solar Water Purifier:

  • Carocell is Solar Powered Water Purification and Desalination device
  • Carocell isfully automated system using solar water pumps
  • The device is easy to install, it’s portable and is environmentally friendly
  • The total set does not need any power source as it receives energy from the Sun
  • A five panel based Carocell set can purify and supply more than 125 liters of water per day
  • Life span 10 years
  • Carocell can purify any kind of water including
  • a. Salt Water (and can produce marketable salt)
  • b. Bore/Well Water; and
  • c. Contaminated water or waste water

Country of Origin: Australia

Present Project:

  • InGen have been awarded for supply and install of Five Hundred Seventy Six units of Carocell sets in coastal districts of Bangladesh.