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About us

InGen was incorporated with a long-term pledge to be the leading renewable energy and conventional power solution company in Bangladesh through our performance and our people, and with commitment to our core values. As an EPC contractor, Ingen works with top multinational companies as a local partner in these construction projects and over the last few years, InGen has also developed competence in providing services like Project Management, Admin & HR Support, Residence & Construction to Local & MNCs. in Bangladesh as a value added partner.

About Company

InGen Technology Ltd. was formed in 2007 to promote eco-friendly renewable energy products in Bangladesh.

InGen Technology Ltd. is one of the first local companies to team up with IDCOL (Infrastructure Development Company Limited) for its persuasive sales of eco-friendly equipment. Complimented with quality human resource our present representation expands in 60 locations in form of Branch offices and currently, we have 60000+ subscribers for Solar Homes. InGen also provide services like Project Management, Admin & HR Support, Residence & Construction to Local & MNCs in Bangladesh.

Our Services

Ingen also provides services from project management, admin-hr support to all short of logistical services to local and monsis in Bangladesh.

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We are always ready to give you all support of Solar Street Light Project, Solar Systems in Telecommunications, Solar water desalination, APC Online UPS, Rooftop Solar System etc. 

Our Products

InGen Technology Ltd. is offering diversified products for the people of Bangladesh. Our products are all high quality standards that meet the needs of the people.

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Human Resources Placement for different countries

Bangladesh is a country of large number of human populations. Due to have over population, there is too much competition to avail proper work scope in the country.   

EPC Contracting for Solar Energy Project

InGen Technology Limited conducts as EPC Contracting for Solar Energy Project. On the project scope InGen offers supports on Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning event. 

Solar Energy Solution for Telecommunication Towers (BTS Towers)

Telecommunication Towers or BTS Towers need to relate to electrical energy. However, to ensure power is challenging in many cases. In this aspect, solar energy solution is one of the unique solution for these BTS towers. 

Horizontal Directional Drilling

In modern cities, most of the utility systems passes through underground. To develop these utility services, a special technology is being used worldwide known as Horizontal Directional Drilling. To conduct this task, a special type of equipment is used known as Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine or HDD Machine. 

Portable Solar Cold Storage:

‘Ecofrost’ Portable Solar Cold storage is one of the unique product from InGen Technology Limited. The product is with customized size and can shift from one location to any other location (where needed). Farmers will be able to store fruits, vegetables, seeds and flowers for few days to few months of time. 

HD Cineplex, 9D Theater Hall

InGen is the first company for the development of 9D Theater Hall in Bangladesh. The project is under construction under ‘Sheikh Hasina Cultural Village’ project at Jamalpur.

Substation, Lift, Generator, HVAC (VRF)

As an electrical solution company, InGen provides solution of Substation, Lift, Generator, Air Conditioning system for its clients. 

Solar Charging Station for Easy Bikes

Solar charging stations are a kind of solution that generates electricity from the solar energy and the generated electricity is used for the battery and electricity operated vehicles. InGen offers clients for design, supply, testing and commissioning solar charging stations. 

Solar Mini-grid/ Microgrid:

Mini-Grid and Micro-Grids are the power generation centers in smaller scale. These units receive energy from the sunlight so that, it reduce carbon emanation. InGen conducts design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Mini-Grids. InGen is conducting both grid connected mini grids and also mini grids for off grid areas.    

Rooftop Solar Energy Solution

InGen is offering to develop Rooftop Solar Energy Solution for the industrial, commercial and noncommercial clients. As an EPC organization InGen conducts design, supply, installation testing and commissioning the projects with Tier-1 listed PV panels so that clients can receive energy for 25 years from a solar project. 

Upgradation of Digital Education System

InGen conducted Electrification and digitization of schools through creating digital labs in primery schools located in remote locations of Bangladesh. Thorough this project, all of these schools have been connected on a common digital network. 

Lithium-ion Battery based Power System Upgradation

InGen conducted countrywide power system upgradation for 2600 pops with lithium-ion battery-based technology. On this specific project, InGen not only connected new lithium ion batteries but also recycled traditional batteries from these pops.

Solar Water Desalination and Purification

InGen is the only organization in Bangladesh to introduce Carocell solar water desalination technology in Bangladesh. Carocell water desalination is a technology that can purify any kind of water including saline or arsenic contaminated water.

Solar Street Lights/ Server Based Street Lights

InGen is specialized on supply, installation, testing and commissioning of server based streetlights. It need to be mentioned that, by using this technology users can monitor and control each street lights. 

Streetlight with AC System

InGen conducts supply, installation, testing and commissioning of streetlights with both AC and DC system. So that, power can be received from the national Grid and also from Solar energy. Streetlights of InGen has been installed in both on-grid and off-grid areas of Bangladesh. 

APC online UPS


Havells LED Bulbs and Tubes


Raw Cotton Trading

InGen supports import and supply of raw cotton for spinning mills in Bangladesh.  

Solar Water Desalination /Purification Project


Solar Systems in Telecommunications


Solar Street Light Project


Management Team


Mr. Asif Mahmood

Chairman & Managing Director


Shah Rafiul Kabir

Chief Executive Officer


Engineer Shameem Ahmed

General Manager & CTO Project


Saaduddin Jamil

AGM & Head of Operation


Engineer Kazi Shorab

Senior Manager-Projects


SNM Ehsanul Hoque

Manager Business Development


Engineer Md. Shahanul Hasan

Senior Manager-Project


Mosherof Hossain Mojumdar

Deputy Manager-Project


Our Clients


InGen, a leading renewable energy and conventional power solutions company, also provides services like Project Management, Admin-HR, Staff augmentation Support & all types of Logistics Services to Local and MNCs in Bangladesh.


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